Agreement to Bring Fiber Optic Connectivity to Property

Digital West is continuing our quest to bring fiber optic connectivity to every business in San Luis Obispo. As part of this expansion, commercial property owners across SLO have asked us to deliver fiber optic connectivity to their properties. Your completion of the checkbox and fields below provides Digital West with permission to enter your building(s) to place fiber optic cable and underground supporting structure (USS) on and/or traversing private property for the purpose of delivering data communications services either to this property or adjacent properties.

What You Should Know

  • There is no cost to you, yet this easy step will provide an attractive incentive to tenants - high speed, reliable fiber optic Internet connectivity, while at the same time giving you a competitive advantage over "unlit" commercial buildings. 
  • This is not an easement. 
  • In 99% of cases, we use existing conduit, so there is little-to-no digging involved. No property will be changed, damaged or affected in any way. 
  • Digital West will, at our expense, trench and place all required USS and cables.
  • Digital West (and our contractors) will make every effort to minimize disruption during construction. If damage does occur, DWNI (and/or our contractor(s)) will make all reasonable efforts to repair property with the goal of returning it as close as possible to its original state – including but not limited to any damage to landscaping, sidewalks, walls, etc.
  • This Agreement merely provides entrance access to your building(s) in order to improve the infrastructure by connecting your building(s) to the city-wide fiber optic cable ring. There is no obligation to purchase the actual fiber services if and until you or your tenants need it.